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These our our cats

Teagan is a female now seventeen years old, she hates all other cats but used to tolerate Shadow.

Teagan decided to adopt us when we lived in Surrey, she used to come in the bathroom window for cat biscuits.  Her original owners had promised her to someone that didn't seem to really want her so we suggested they let us have her and she has been with us ever since.

Shadow was an older gentleman of eighteen years, he was hyperthyroid, had high blood pressure and his kidneys were failing, it was also difficult trying to get him to eat.

Shadow was a very timid boy most of the time and used to get a hard time from Teagan, she loved to stalk him, sometimes he would retaliate.  Sadly Shadow is no longer with us, on the 14th September 2014 he started his long sleep, hopefully meeting up with his brother Jet to exchange stories.

This was Jet, he came to Sheppey with the other two when we moved here and was Shadows brother, he was hit by a car some years ago so is no longer with us, he is still greatly missed by us.  Jet used to be boss cat and Teagan never really bothered Shadow until Jet had gone.