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We moved to the Isle of Sheppey many years ago as I worked in Maidstone before I took early retirement, it was more convenient than travelling over sixty miles to work from our previous home near Guildford, Surrey.

From 2008 for almost ten years we were very much involved in the local Cats Protection branch, but following emails from one of the younger volunteers suggesting that “the over sixties didn’t give a shit” we decided that perhaps we should let them get on with it and so resigned from the many jobs we were doing.

We have just one cat ourselves she is seventeen years old, we have had cats all our married life so we certainly have a good understanding of the feline.  Do have a look at the cat and photos pages, you will see Teagan, our present cat and the two most recent boys we had.

Why Isle of Sheppey... 

My previous call signs were

Foundation    M6WJF

Intermediate  2E0ELT

Location information

Grid JO01JJ

WAB Square TQ97

Book number 20872

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